About Our Hotel The Portal 1610:

This hotel, built as a Manor of the family after the death of my father thought we should share it with people from other cultures and other peoples. Originally, after 1610, the site was occupied by the former Treasurer of the Spanish Royal Crown, Don Antonio de Betancourt.

According to legend he is buried in a certain place of the house, the treasure of the royal treasurer, to date, even despite having been sought in different centuries, has not been discovered.

By tradition that truly embody the Hotel is the Portal of 1610.

The City, its history, its art, its culture, its customs, its Colonial Monuments ... from the historic center of the same, during the Calle Real, front of the house where he grew up and Rubén Darío was formed.

"León es para mí como Roma o París"

Rubén Darío

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